Moving Cover Information in Title to Original Artist Field

I have a bunch of files like this example:

Title: Man of Mystery (The Shadows Cover)

I want to change them to be like this:

Title: Man of Mystery

Original Artist: The Shadows

My plan was to do the following in an action group that could run on my entire library:

1) Copy all of my tracks' titles into Original Artist (I have nothing there now)
  1. Remove the space leading the first "(" and anything between () in any TITLE field string that ends in " Cover)"

  2. Make all ORIGARTIST fields that do not contain " Cover)" blank. Hopefully avoid having to manually handle cases like the song "The Cover of the Rolling Stone."

  3. Remove "(" and " Cover)" from ORIGARTIST field.

I got stuck at step 2, where I tried to use Regular Expressions but couldn't figure out how to do exactly what I wanted. This was my Regular Expression: \((.{*}) Cover\)

Thanks for your help.

Take some time and study the forum FAQ areas and the large amount of user posts.
You will easily find a solution for your well known standard request ...

Actiontype 7: Import tag fields (guess values)
Source format __: %TITLE%
Guessing pattern: %TITLE%÷(%ORIGARTIST%÷Cover)
Note: Replace each special ÷ character with one space character.


Thanks, I did not realize that importing values from TITLE to ORIGARTIST would also delete the imported values from the titles of my files. I probably overlooked this info in the FAQs because I was more concentrated on the replace function.