Moving featuring artist from 'Title' to 'Artist'

I have been struggling with finding the right solution to achieve the result I would like and hoping someone would be able to assist me.

I have a lot of songs titles which include the featuring artist which I would like to move to the artist field. I wish to keep the existing artist and add the featuring artist to the end of the artist. For example:

I want to go from this:
Title: Don’t Give Up (feat. Bryan Adams)
Artist: Chicane

To this:
Title: Don’t Give Up
Artist: Chicane (feat. Bryan Adams)

Keeping in mind that the featuring artist is not always at the end of the title, it can be in the middle of the string, for example:

Title: Faith (feat. Charlotta Chadwick) [Skitz Faithless Remix]
Artist: Bliss Inc

And I want it to be:
Title: Faith [Skitz Faithless Remix]
Artist: Bliss Inc (feat. Charlotta Chadwick)

I have tried this with zero success:
Action: Guess values
Source format: %artist% $regexp(%title%,'(.) feat. (.)','feat. $2 +++ $1',1)
Guessing pattern: %artist% +++ %title%

I have attached a PDF with a screenshot and mark-ups to illustrate more clearly what I am aiming for.

Help would be greatly appreciated. :blush:


MP3Tag Support (WT).pdf (173.0 KB)

Guess value
Source: %artist% $regexp(%title%,(.*) \(feat\. (.*)\),(feat. $2) +++ $1)
Guessing Pattern: %artist% +++ %title%

For the 3-part-pattern try "Guess value" with
Source: %artist% $regexp(%title%,(.*) \(feat\. (.*)\)(.*),(feat. $2) +++ $1$3)
Guessing Pattern: %artist% +++ %title%

That worked perfectly! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you very much

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