Moving Featuring from Title to Artist

Sorry guys to ask a help on this topic for thousend times, but I'm sitting and read topics since hours during the evening, and cannot found the right form by now and going mad.

What I have is:
Artist: Michael Jackson
Title: This Girl Is Mine (Featuring Will I. Am) (Club Mix)

What I want is:
Artist: Michael Jackson feat. Will I. Am
Title: This Girl Is Mine (Club Mix)

So far I tried this one, but did not make it:
Action: Guess values
Source format: %artist% $regexp(%title%,(.*) \(Featuring\ (.*)\)(.*),(feat. $2) +++ $1$3)
Guessing Pattern: %artist% +++ %title%

Where I missed it?

I see a strange backslash behind the "Featuring":

$regexp(%title%,(.*) \(Featuring\ (.*?)\)(.*),(feat. $2) +++ $1$3)

Thank you. Title is OK now, but what I got now is:

Artist: (feat. Will I. Am)
Title: This Girl Is Mine (Club Mix)

It simply deleted Michael Jackson.

Yes, I only referred to the regular expression to be exchanged, the rest was OK.

Sure :slight_smile: This will be my final format then:

%artist% $regexp(%title%,(.*) \(Featuring\ (.*?)\)(.*),feat. $2 +++ $1$3)

Thank you very much, you made my day!

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