Moving files based on tags

Does anyone have a script that will move files from one directory to another, and create a structure by Genre\Artist\Album ?

if you have your mp3 tags filled with genre, artist and album then use an action of the type
"format tag-field"
on the field %_filename%
and enter as format string


this will create the named file structure under the current working directory.
If you modify "%Genre%\%Artist%\%Album%" to an absolute path on your drive like

it will create the folders in a folder names music.

Thanks that works. I had to add %_filename_ext% to keep the file name othewise I would get a duplicate file error, so my whole action is

I had been playing around and tried %_Directory% which was moving more than the files I selected and giving all files the same directory of the file selected and ignoring their own tags.

Thanks again.