Moving 'Ft.'from artist to title tag


Can any of you regex experts tell me if this is possible

I have files where the artist tags look like this:

Mobin Master Ft. Karina Chavez

But I want to move the 'Ft. Karina Chavez' to the title tag

So the title track will be:

Stand Up (Ft. Karina Chavez)

Is there any way to do this?

Action: Guess values
Source format: $regexp(%title%~%artist%,(.?)~(.?)\sFt.\s(.*),$1 (Ft. $3)~$2)
Guessing pattern: %title%~%artist%

I hope you have tons of files using this feat. scheme, so this action will be used not only once. :smiley: :wink:

Thank you very much, it works great and I can change it to help with similar files, and yep I have lots of files to do, you've saved me so much time!!

Thanks a lot Stevest, that's very helpful

can you tell me what the code would look like if my files have the syntax:

%Artist% (Ft. %FeatArtist%) - %Title%
I want to move the Ft.-part at the end of the title

I don't know how to escape the literal "("... :huh:

I've been looking for a software to remove the ft. part of artist to the title for ages! Thnx a lot!
There is just one little problem though,
I tried applying this to one album of mine and I found that when I apply this, all of my titles get an extra "space" infront of them.
How can I fix this? :unsure:

I also have another question... the code says %title%~%artist% but all my mp3's are artist-title,
does this matter at all?


Thank YOU so much ! That helped me alot !