Moving graphics files with music

I know that this is possible. In fact, the developer graciously tried to explain this to me, but I just don't quite understand it. I have read the documentation, but something is escaping me.

I have "Convert > Tag to Filename" moving the files from their current location to the proper location on my music drive. I would like to automatically move all *.jpg, *,png, and *.pdf files that are currently in the folder with them to the new location.

Could someone describe or show me a straightforward way to do this?

I'm using Mp3tag for Mac 1.8.7

What I think I wrote before is that Mp3tag has an action feature to compose reusable workflows. One of the actions is Format tag field, which fills fields or renames files based on other fields content or fixed text.

This action also offers _DIRECTORY and _FILENAME as fields, where the former really renames the directory of the files. This means, that other files like PDF, JPG, & PNG files in the folder would also be moved to the new folder.

You can try this action type via Actions → Quick Actions → Format tag field and if you are happy with your experiments, you could create via Actions → Actions an action group "Move Files" with two actions Format tag field one for _DIRECTORY (which renames the containing folder) and one for _FILENAME (which renames the files).

Thanks! I tried creating the new Action Group, and it worked -- except that I see that it's inserting an extra directory and putting the files into that:

This is the Action Group:

It took me some time to find a possible cause for the extra trailing _ directory, but I think you might have copied a linebreak when pasting the format string for the Format tag field action.

Can you double-check the end of the format string and remove any extra characters after the trailing /

Yes! There was indeed a linebreak at the end.

One more issue: it doesn't look like it is renaming the files as I expect. As I understand it, the filename as indication in the action should have the track number, a space, and the track name. But, as in the screenshot of the folder above it, in this case it left the filenames as they had been originally, with a space-dash-space between the number and the name. In another test, it left it as it had been, with a dot after the number. Could something in how I set the actions be keeping the one for the _FILENAME from working?

ADDED: I just tried the string for the _FILENAME in a Convert > Tag - Filename and it worked OK there.

Yes, the format string is missing the closing % at %title%

Thanks. That solved it. (More proof that "With enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.")

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