Moving images along with MP3s


When I'm done editing tags I use "Format value "_FILENAME": h:\musik\%genre%\%artist%\%album%\%track% %title%" to move & rename in one easy move. However this leaves the newly added album art (kept in the folder as folder.jpg - my player doesn't read embedded jpegs) behind behind. Is there some clever way of getting mp3tag to move the jpg along with the music files?


In the old tradition of replying to your own posts hoping to keep the topic alive: Maybe MP3Tag could refresh the file view as part of the "move/rename" procedure? That way you could move the files first, mp3tag would automatically change the view to the new directory and then album art could be downloaded.... A bit cumbersome I know - just a suggestion :slight_smile: Thanks for a great piece of software.


taks a look at my post in iternation development export
called looping help. I think this si similar to wha you wna tto do but I hanvent got it woring perfectly.


Okay, thanks - I've looked at it but I'm not entirely sure what it does? And is it meant to be run from within mp3tag? Or to be copied into the folder of the mp3s and then run?


its an export format that builds a batch file that moves all the stuff in the direcotry of the current mpo3 to a folder specified by the artist ( in my case)

so I select the mp3s in question and creat the export to a .bat file type and hten "display" the file which runs the batch script.

it checks fot existence of the dew folder C:\music \artist if it si missing it creates it.
movesevery thin in the directory and then removes the empty diretory.

lets say you use bit torrent abnd down load stuff...
theny you fix the tags. noy you wan to move it to your music libnrary.

I use a simple artist directory no sub folders for albums etc. so this works well for me

below si the correct script.

echo off
echo %_folderpath%
if not EXIST "c:\music\%artist%" md "c:\music\%artist%"
if EXIST "%_folderpath%" move "%_folderpath%." "c:\music\%artist%"
if EXIST "%_folderpath%" rd "%_folderpath%"