Moving specific filetypes when changing directory of files

Hello folks, I posted a long time ago about an action that moved files from one location into the folder structure artist>album. It's a neat solution that moves all the files (although it's annoying the original (not empty) folders remain present in the original location).

I can't find the post and am wondering if there is a way to specifyt the files that get moved? Sometimes the folder has a text file in it that I don't want, but I do want to move the mp3 files and any .jpg and .jpeg files.

Can someone please tell me if this can be done?


No, there is no way to tell MP3tag which files to move if you rename a folder.
The empty folder only remains, if you rename the files and not the folder.
To rename a folder, use an action of the type "Format value" for _DIRECTORY

Could this be introduced as a feature in the future?

This is mainly an OS problem I think.
Either you rename files (and move them around the file system). Or you rename a whole folder with all its contents.
If you rename files then you will get the leftover empty folders.
And: Mp3tag only treats the files that are visible in the files list.
Even though you can add further file types to be shown in the files list, any new name has to be deductable from the file properties and metadata.
So, if you want to move the files (with tags) to a location like %Artist%\%Year%-%Album% then I wonder where in e.g. a picture file or a text file you would find such data - as this metadata is simply not present.
If you rename the whole folder, then all files are taken along - and to get certain files back to the old location would require to rename the individual file (which probably does not have any embedded hint where it came from).
So I think: no, this will never really work.

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Thanks for giving me a detailed and thoughtful answer, as always. It's a shame.