moving text in parenthesis from artist to title


some of the tracks in my library appear like this:

artist: Dj Oli Garch (Eunice Davis - Get Your Enjoys)
title: Get Your Enjoys


artist: Mr. Absolutt (Patrice Rushen)
title: Forget Me Nots

id like them to look like this:]

artist: Dj Oli Garch
title: Eunice Davis - Get Your Enjoys


artist: Mr. Absolutt
title: Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots (Edit)


These are completely different things and some will never ge accomplished. E.g. will MP3tag never be able to generate an "(Edit)" from the existing data.

I would go about as follows:
"Dj Oli Garch (Eunice Davis - Get Your Enjoys)"
Action of the type "Guess value" for ARTIST
Guessing pattern: %artist% (%my_title% - %dummy%)
"Mr. Absolutt (Patrice Rushen)"
Action of the type "Guess value" for ARTIST
Guessing pattern: %artist% (%my_title%)

and then for both patterns:

Format value for TITLE
%my_title% - %title%
Remove tag-field my_title

thanks, this will work for me!

would there be any way to set a custom filter to search within the artist field for files with parenthesis in them that include a - within parenthesis?

%artist% HAS "- "
(as I think that anyone like Olivia Newton-John would not have a blank behind the hyphen, so looking for "hypen blank" should work.
If you want to have it more complicated:
%artist% MATCHES "(.-.)

..for some reason, i cant get this filter expression "%artist% MATCHES "(.-.)" - to turn up any results when i paste it into the filter box..

however, "%artist% HAS "- "" - seems to be doing the trick for me..

thank you so much for the assistance on this! im rapidly shredding through getting my music organized, and cant thank you enough!

I overdid it a little bit - this is enough:
%artist% MATCHES "(.-.)"

..tried "%artist% MATCHES "(.-.)"" and it turned up everything with a hyphen in it.. experimented a bit with it and found "%artist% MATCHES "(.- .)"" to work perfectly for my needs.. thank you so much! i literally couldnt thank you enough!

You have a major flaw in naming your system: what if you get a song with a title like "AAA - BBB CCC" by an artist who happen to have a name "AAA", remixed by an artist "BBB"?

Won't you be lost in what is what? Of course today you remember who is who and what is what- but about in a couple o years and after couple of thousands new mixes?

You should put a sub-artist / sub-title in some kind of brackets; or start using something informative like "BY" ["EDITED BY", "Remix by", "mix of"; whichever you like]

i never actually considered this, and am a bit confused by the idea youre presenting.. could you clarify a bit for me?

im trying to organize my music by having the artist who did the remix in the artist field, the original artist and remixed track name in the title field, and if the original tags include the original artist and original song title, it will be placed in the comments field. <-- this was changed after my OP.

please clarify for me..

To be honest: usually it is the remix artist that becomes part of the title and not the original artist.
As the remix artists are usually not as well known as the orginal artist, it is in most cases difficult to find a particular track.
Using your example from
artist: Bob Marley & the Wailers
title: Three Little Birds (Stephen Marley and Jason Bentley Remix)

I would always look for "Three little birds" in a title search and never for Bob Marley.
Alternatively, I would look for Bob Marley in an artist search but not for Jason Bentley.
So, perhaps you leave the titles as they are...

..i see what youre saying.

however, if i were searching for a pure bob marley track no remix or nothing than i would do a search only in artist for bob marley.. if i wanted a bob marley remix, than id do a search in title for bob marley. thats what im hoping to gain with arranging my tags this way. i know it may be a bit ass-backwards for most collectors, but as a dj this is the best way that i can find to be able to make a division between pure tracks and remixes..

I do not think that this is a DJ problem...

Still, with remixes around that do not have an artist as remix version, you cannot fill the artist field with anything other than the orginal artist. So with these tracks around, you cannot simply use the artist for the plain tracks and the title for the remixes ... I guess.

Anyway: I separate the version of a track with square brackets - because the normal parenthesis is ever so often already part of the normal title.
Any featured artist is enclosed in <>
So you get
Venus [Hellfire Mix] <& Shocking Blue>

kk.. youre making a good point here. perhaps i have to rethink how i am choosing to utilize my tag fields at least for certain genres. for most of my mainstream tracks, i am utilizing the tagging convention you are suggesting.. however it is when i get to anything that falls into the category of edm that i have a problem.

you were suggesting to encase my what the remix in brackets '[]' - how can i switch parenthesis into brackets in only the title field?

Create 2 actions of the type "Replace" for TITLE
Search string: (
Replace string: [

Search string: )
Replace string: ]

These 2 actions can be part of an action group, so that you get both brackets replaced with just one call of the action group.

It may be a good idea to filter first for files that have 2 pairs of parenthesis:
%title% MATCHES "(.).(.*)"
as these titles should not be treated.
If you have a lot of these, try to find out what the underlying pattern is (e.g. that the Remix part is always in the last pair of parenthesis). Then one can set an action that treats the last pair ... and so on.

Let me share my overall experience, taken down to the core issues

1] I use different kinds of brackets for different purposes / tag fields:

2] What kind ob brackets goes to what field it is not a matter of my personal preference, but a matter of how long strings of text are displayed in ma tagging software [Mp3tag] and my player [Winamp] ERGO how fast can I spot them and how important is what I'm looking for; and there is also a matter of illegal characters in TITLE / FILENAME to be dealt with [/t/16549/1

3] Some brackets are used in more than one tag field; there is just not enough of them on the keyboard [which gives an quick access to them, for whatever reason]

4] I also use in some of the fields [for specific purposes] signs like:

and some other more "exotic"

5] Some sign are used in titles and some have the purpose of separating titles / artist. Some are used in one fields some in many. Some can mean only one thing and some ave broader usage. The need for using this or another sign came up by itself, as the time went by

6] Once a naming system was set I stuck to it without exceptions. And if exception do occurs then it means something needs to be changed in the system. And with the REPLACE action it can be done very quickly- but all changes are thought over and over by me, during a couple of days, and first tested on copy of files

7] As times goes by, and more unusual tracks were added, problems with naming and other kind of info would [a still will] pop out- but now I have a good working system. And looking back, it was a good idea to retain additional information for future reference. [It was stored in COMMENT tag or some other choosed for that purpose]

8] I differ from each other:

  • mix
  • remix
  • edit
  • megamix
  • mashup

9] With the addition of tickets like "radio", "video", "original", "club" and other, the aforementioned different kind of mixes give me exact info of what I'm listening too

10] I put the name of the mixer / remixer / mashuper in the TITLE tag

11] I put the name o the mix / remix / mashup in the TITLE tag

12] ARTIST tag has always the "original" artist

13] I store nothing but the [sometimes partial] TITLE in the FILENAME. The only exception is the year, but that [sometimes] comes as part of the TITLE itself; and very rarely repeats the year of the album