Moving the a featured artist from the artist field to the song field!

Hi guys, I'm not exactly sure how to do this but here goes.

I want to change a whole bunch of songs which say in the Artist Field: X ft. Y to just Artist: X and the Song Title instead to Say Z (ft. Y).

For example:


Title: It's You
Artist: Animal Collective ft. Vashti Bunyan


Title: It's You (ft. Vashti Bunyan)
Artist: Animal Collective

Is this possible?

It is possible if the "ft." is really the limiter between the title and the artist.
Then it goes in two steps:
first copy the " ft. Vashti Bunyan" to title with an action of the type format field:
select title as field
enter as format string: %title% $mid$(%artist%,$strstr(%artist%," ft"),$len(%artist%))
(save the action)
the next action deletes the string in brackets from the artist:
create a new action of the type "format field"
select Artist as field
enter as format string:
$left(%artist%,$strstr(%artist%," ft"))

(I hope I got the syntax right - so try it first with just one track before you spoil your whole library).