Moving "The" from beggining to end


First of all thank you for a wonderful program. glad to donate to support development.

How can i replace "and" with "&" (but not to include if in middle of word ("wonderland")



Moving "The" to the end is usually done with a "Replace with regular Expression action"
Enter as search string
^The (.*)
Enter as replace string:
$1 (The)

And as I like to add in this context:
I would leave out any leading "The" unless it is a real part of the band name, e.g. The The, The Band.
Many bands are not consistent in their naming, so there are albums by "The Beatles" and others only by the "Beatles". Same applies to the "Rolling Stones" and many other groups.
So, in a way, the whole swapping stuff is vain in my opinion ... but it is your collection and your standard.

If you want to replace "and" as a word then modify the search string to "and " or " and ".


I'm sorry i deleted my first part of the post as i figured it out before your reply buy 1 minute :slight_smile:

But i am not getting anywhere with the "and" query.

if you look for the "and" as a word then it is most likely delimited by a leading or a trailing blank and in most cases both.
So, if you modify the search string that it has a blank in front and behind the "and" which looks like "and" (where the underscore represents a blank for clearity reasons) and replace it with "&" you should be done.

Please don't do that as now my answer regarding a non existent first part does not make sense any more.

Still can't get it.

Actions > New > Name of my choice > New > (Which action type?)

thanks :flushed:

also will saving config save these actions we made?

This is just a plain "Replace" as you replace one constant string by another (and no pattern that is defined by a regular expression).
Yes, all actions that you have defined will be saved if you press OK (or Close) often enough


got it, thank you sir.