moving whole folders

right now i have a situation where there are a bunch of drives with music that i want to consolidate to one single drive

lets say the main consolidating drive is A, and the others are B, C, D
i open up mp3tag to read drive B then shift-click a selection, right click to move to drive A

but problem: in drive B the tracks were in a folder, but when moved to drive A they are not in folder,
there is a way when every time i move i can create new folder in drive A manually, but forgive me i am lazy so i was wondering if there is a better automated way to move entire folders (whilst retaining the folder)

thank you, i did search the forum before i ask but they are mostly about tagging/renaming folders...
thanks in advance

windows explorer or any other file manager...

thanks for the reply i found FreeCommander [freeware :slight_smile:]
however... it does not read the tags when you opened it up, i was hoping mp3tag would do this since i can have at view all the tags which i need to determine if a folder is ready to be moved (after they have been tagged and all), just a thought thanks for your help (really impressed by your response within 1 day!)

You could browse in Mp3tag and open the file manager from Mp3tag as tool:

Or if all folders are moved to the same location on drive A, you could create a bat file with the export that moves the folder of the selected file.