MP3 Album Art ..... progressive JPEG

Hi, Love your product and use it regularly to manage my large MP3 Collection.

I recently and painstakingly added/updated all my embedded Album Art.
... However, the image editor I used was set to 'progressive'
.... AND I have a new car and the music system in the car does NOT show Progressive JPEGs...

So, I have to identify all the MP3's with progressive JPEG Album Art and correct them.

It would REALLY help me if MP3TAG could show a flag/indicator for tracks containing
Progressive Art.

Does anyone know if this is possible.

Thanks for your help and great work

I do not think that you find something in MP3tag.
The only way would be to export the embedded pictures and then start an external application that checks the pictures files.

And as this only costs computational time I would not spend too much time to find a clever filter or something like that but simply convert all jpgs to non-progressive ones and then re-import them.

Perhaps Irfanview is worth a try:

Thanks for the reply. I see your process in 3 steps. Extracting all the JPEG's,
Converting them (with Irfanview) and then reapplying them to the MP3's.

Do you have any advice on the 1st and 3rd steps. The MP3's are in multiple folders.

Thanks again... Joe

Before you export the embedded pictures make sure that you have set them to "front cover".
You can do that like this:
Load the file
Select all of them.
Scroll the tag panel so that you see the square for the covers.
Right-click on the square and set the cover type to front.
Press Ctrl-S to save the changes.

There is an action for the export and the import.
In the action you can set the filename.
And this filename can be composed of string constants in the path and mp3tag variables.
Like this you can export all jpegs to just one folder which might make it easier to start the batch conversion.

So much for the theory. Here an example for the filename format string:

You get a filename like
d:\music\jpegs\Beatles_White Album_Front Cover.jpg

For the import there is also an action (Import Cover from File – Mp3tag Documentation)

Following the example, use this filename format string for the import:
d:\music\jpegs\%albumartist%_%album%_Front Cover.jpg
This should embed the matching picture in the corresponding file.

Many thanks for your detailed reply and the time it took to compose it. I believe I understand
the logic of your suggestion now.
However, it doesn't fit my particular situation well. I have created compilation albums
(with a single album name eg... Joe's selection 1) ... but the album art associated with each
track is the ACTUAL album of the track.
So, I am back to my original question. Is there any way that MP3Tag can identify the MP3's
with Progressive JPEG album art. Or is there any other program that might give me this info....
I am willing to convert the album art, one at a time (slowly)!!
Thanks again

No, there still is no function like that in MP3tag.
If you were a little more inventive, you could easily modify the format string for the picture filename by using more or other information like %title% instead of %album%.
The only important bit is to get a unique filename that follows a naming convention that can be used for the import.

As for the graphics program: I think Irfanview does such a thing.
And I still think that the brute force approach is much easier than any kind of filtering.