Mp3 Art not showing in Windows 10 Explorer


Mp3 files opened in mp3tag, which do display art in Windows explorer, and then changed in mp3tag, no longer display the art in Explorer.

The problem seems to be that the file attributes for that file have changed from AP to ALP. Meaning that the reparse point file attribute (L) has been turned on.

Is there a fix or a solution for this please?

I am using a paid mp3tag version 2.81



What about using a more recent version? Right now the version is 2.89.
And: I use MP3tag frequently to tag files and do not have this problem. Are you running any explorer extensions that also deal with MP3 files?


Thanks for taking the time to look at this
I will try 2.89 and let you know. I am not using any Explorer extensions, but the artwork does show up elsewhere.


I posted earlier that the new version seemed to have solved the problem, but that is not the case. Using the most recent version of mp3tag still has not solved the problem and the L file attribute is switched on which then has the effect of icons being shown rather than the art. I am not certain of the causality here. It may be that it is turned on by Explorer immediately on saving the file as part of the syncing to OneDrive


Cover Infos von MP3 Dateien werden nicht in Cloud Tool engzeigt