MP3 Cleanup Questions

Hi everyone, I'm new to the community! Happy Holidays everyone.

For starters, I have approx. 7000 songs that are stored on my external hard drive. But the song names, artist, genre are all inconsistent. Also, I have several duplicate files, and want to only keep the one that has the highest bitrate quality. Once I get through cleaning up my files, hopefully I can make an iTunes library and synch with my ipod.

When I go to import a directory, for example my I:/Music/ABBA, it shows all 21 of my ABBA songs. If 2 of the songs are duplicates, can I delete from the hard drive directly from the mp3tag screen?

Also what is the correct way to name a group like "The Carpenters"? As Carpenters, The or just Carpenters? This has always confused me. In my iTunes it will sort by first letter so "The" would be at the end?

MP3tag cannot look for duplicates.

Press Ctrl-Delete to remove files.

Isn't this an iTunes question?
Take the group name as it is and fill the field e.g. ALBUMARTISTSORT so that you get the file in the alphabetic position where you want it to be.

And neither can Winamp; but you might find some suggestions in this thread: