mp3 database program



I have a lot of mp3 files from my CD-collection. These mp3 files are saved on CD's. The problem might be some day: where is this specific album stored?
Does anybody know of a program which can store the mp3-files in a database so one can find a specific song/title or album using the program? I have seen the program "mp3-collector" but it does not support unicode and I would prefer that.

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You could try MPEG Audio Collection (MAC).


Unforunately MAC does not support unicode either, and it is not updated anymore.
Does anybody know of a CD collector/database/cataloque program which supports unicode (enabling it to use characters from foreign languages (e.g. greek etc).

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maybe CD Bank Cataloguer :slight_smile:


Some programs are on:

But they aren't freeware.
Another program is avaible on:


Maybe Where Is It? (Catalog and organize your disks collection).