MP3 Diags for fixing broken files

Hello, it seems MP3 diags is a very powerful and useful tool to fix tags, but also very non-straightforward, and the documentation is confusing or not suitable for newbies.
Would you mind giving me the yellow brick road on how to use that program specifically for the task of fixing broken ID3 tags? I don't care for the other possible fixes that it may offer, and it's very hard to understand, because the creator offers very little explanation for starters on when and how to use them. Basically, he used his expertise to create a program that only he knows exactly how to use, and made it impossible for anybody else not at his level of expertise to use. In other words, he didn't worry about translating his rocket science to a language that lay people, mere mortals and heathens could understand.

Asking cause I gave up using the much simpler Mp3Val, it chokes on small list of files, and even the files that it can scans it stalls and freezes in the middle, so it's small size is also followed by small power/stability.

Thank you :slight_smile:

This is astounding.
Together with your other problems I think there is something serioulsy wrong with your file system and files.

In respect to Mp3diags:
let MP3diags scan the files.
Click on the filter icon and see on the right which findings there are.
In the filter, you can then move specific findings to the left and click OK and have a look at the files and see what you do about the finding.
There are various hammer icons in the tool bar and you get a bubble help what that hammer does to the selected files.
E.g. if you have a broken stream, then select a hammer that offers to fix broken streams (depending on the damage that might work or not).
Ideally, after you have tried to fix the filtered files, the list of files is empty, then open the filter dialogue again and filter for the next finding.

There are some findings that may easily be ignored: too much padding, low quality audio, missing cover are the ones that do not really affect the playability and do not mean that anything is really broken.

Findings that indicate really broken files are all those that relate to streams (broken, unknown, mixed).
Also, files with several ID3 tags should be cleansed.

If you feel uneasy about the manipulations that MP3diags may offer, then the only way out is to have backups if anything goes wrong.

The main reason for these problems (stopping to go further in examination) is that Mp3val refuses to work with filenames that have "special characters".

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I notice that a lot of things choke on "special characters," depending on what they are. I save myself a lot of headaches by removing them. Bulk Rename Utility is helpful for this.