MP3 does not load files

I use mp3tag for years. Always satisfied. Windows11 now. Have installed lates mp3tag-version. It will not load any file. I get the symbol of not allowed. Configuration problem?

Can you send a screenshot or is this during drag'n'drop ("symbol not allowed")? If the latter, the other process you're dragging from runs from another user account than the Mp3tag process.

The symbol is not visible on the screen shot Florian. It is during drag'ndrop yes. If I try to import using the explorer the foldrs are empty?

mp3tag does not find the files as you can see it is empty. Thre are flac files though.

if you select to open a folder, then the OS selection dialogue does not show files but only folders.

Thank you. But I cannot drag the files in as well.
I see this on my desktop.
What does that mean?

This means that you have to run MP3tag as Administrator.
How did you install MP3tag? Doesn't it run under the same account as the one with which you installed it?

Thank you ohrenkino. I re-installed. Now it works.