MP3 edit (Paid Support)

AM a big fan of mp3 tag and has made my music management job easier than ever

Now am back with another query

Searched the forum for scripts to recover Indian songs but unfortunately i couldn't find any support regarding the same...

I need a automatic thing to tag all the indian songs...I tried picard n some scripts from google but all are fetching wrong tags or different album art...and out of 100 i get only 3 right...i think we need to refine or point it to a different source

This is a bit urgent for me that's the reason i added the paid support tag to it....anyone who can help please send revert with details nd the charges for your service.

Admin: Apologies if am not supposed to ask for paid support

I didn't know that there was paid support at all. This forum is AFAIK an affair of volunteers.

So: the more urgent your needs are, the more should you either supply a source for those indian titles or dig into the web-sources language yourself.

Hey.....Apologies once again.....certain forums do provide paid support for custom requirements...

Can i ask what would you search for if i need to get some help regarding the same....i have tried the below searches on google

mp3 tag Custom scripts
Bollywood tag mp3tag
Bollywood id3 scripts
change database in custom script
..and many more

Pls let us know what details would you require for my requirement....will bollywood mp3 website address be enough...

While i was searching I found a lot of similar request and none were answered or the topic is closed...I even tried if i can change the database address from discog/amazon but it needs a lot more knowledge than i have :frowning:

So am asking for a support on behalf of all asian music fans :slight_smile:

Because India is going to become the biggest contributor to world IT business, there should be any indian IT specialist or enthusiast, who is able to understand how the Mp3tag data-mining feature works, and how a web source script can be written, ...
and it would be even better, he writes a manual about this processing.
Hopefully you will find someone here on the forum, who is willing to take part in this challenge.


As I rightly said this thread also goes unanswered :frowning:

So, as I take it, you have tried Google (?!) and picard.

Mp3tag also supplied a number of other sources, the most prominent is probably discogs.
Have you tried that source?
Or perhaps you find a different source in this forum section: /c/web-sources-scripts

Isn't it astounding that there is no web-source-script for Indian music, yet there are numerous other scripts e.g. for the freedb, metal archives, for beatport, iTunes and of course for discogs.

Perhaps these sites already supply the requested information. You should try them.

Is there a similar source for the kind of music you want to get tagged?
What effort have you taken to convince potential volunteers to write a script besides the notion that you would like to have one?
Perhaps you contact the other posters who requested something similar and ask them for their approach.
Perhaps they can tell you how to find a workaround.
Accusing the participants in this forum of ignorance or indifference is probably not the best way to achieve your goal, though. My opinion.