mp3.exe disappearing today from its folder

Dear Florien and administrators and members,
I'm new! Please forgive me if this is a tired question and/or if I'm submitting it in the wrong way.
I've happily used Mp3tag for at least five years, first in WinXP, and for the last year in Win8.1. Today I selected a group of mp3s, right-clicked for the context menu, chose Mp3tag, as I usually do to fire up the program. No response. I tried the shortcuts (desktop and taskbar), and got the message that the associated program could not be found. After half an hour of trying to get the program to run, convinced that this favorite program of mine (Mp3tag) had indeed disappeared, I uninstalled the program, downloaded a fresh setup package for v2.65, ran the setup, through to the Finish button. A new shortcut appeared on desktop, but clicking it still brought a message saying the associated program couldn't be found. Several times I uninstalled, redownloaded, reinstalled. Each reinstall put Mp3tag.exe in the default Mp3tag folder. I could see it there (via Windows Explorer). But when I'd click on it, it would disappear!
I regularly (at least weekly) run several anti-malware programs, and overall my system seems to be running well. Any thoughts on why Mp3tag has decided to abandon me?
Thank you for any help you can offer.

Malwarebytes is picking up Mp3tag.exe as Trojan.FakeMS.ED.

Its the only AV to do so:

I've added an exclusion in Malwarebytes for now.

Thank you, BigAde,
Malwarebytes seems a likely culprit, as I've just downloaded and installed (been forced by Malwarebytes to download and install) a new version. Following your note I've added Mp3tag.exe as an excluded process in Malwarebytes, restarted, and I'm getting the same behavior from Mp3tag. exe. It's disappearing the moment it's called on. Any further suggestions?
Appreciative, hopeful ...

Success. Second attempt at excluding Mp3tag.exe from Malwarebytes wrath—this time excluding the Mp3tag folder—worked. I made the first exclusion in the wrong area of Malwarebytes (the web area). Thank you to any and all who were considering this matter. I love Mp3tag and use it every day. Heartbreaking to have it break (get broken by a third party), very good to have it back.