Mp3 File conversion Question


Hi Florian!!

This is off topic a little and if you know of a forum that deals with Mp3 editing ect lemme know please

I've got a Pink Floyd Complete Album Mp3 file about 40 minutes long.....
Most of the songs roll into the next song without pause moody blues also records alot of theie songs this way If I burn it I won't be able to easily go to a particular track. Obviously, If I cut it up with Mp3 Direct Cut it will sound "cut up". I ran this question several months ago in another forum and someone sugested i needed a cue file. But I couldnt find out if that was a good solution or how to make a cue file.

anyone have a solution??



You could have a look at Hydrogenaudio. Make sure you read the FAQs, the Knowledge Base (Wiki) and search the forums before posting.

I understand that you have ripped the CD as one single file and therefore cannot go to particular tracks. A cue file is actually an index file which contains the start point of the tracks. You would also need a player supporting cue files, such as foobar2000 or a Winamp plugin.


Thanks Sebastian_Mares .... I'll ck out HydrogenAudio... I had downloaded this file... I would never have ripped a cd intentionally as one file myself, And Ive. been searching the forums for the answer. So far this is the most info I've gotten.
I'm not clear about cue files... sounds like Its not what i would have ended up with If I had ripped the cd myself. But I'll try n get more info on that searching cue files
I'm guessing.