MP3 file name labels

It seems that there is some sort of standard labels used by some people to name MP3s. For example, bonus tracks usually have a [*] after the song name. Live tracks tend to have [LIVE] after them and acoustic tracks have [ACOUSTIC], but I've seen some other labels like [#]. I'm not sure what that one is supposed to mean.

Is there a list somewhere where I can find the meanings of these?

I have not heard of this standard.
Could you supply some examples why you think you found a standard?
(AFAIK e.g. does not use this syntax.)

I wouldn't call these naming standards. I do see many examples that use #, *, etc. But these tend to be from names in live shows and the '#' for example is merely a footnote reference in an associated text file to more info about the track (e.g., other players on the song, info about edits, patches, etc.).

See for many examples with live concerts. But again, these are NOT naming standards.

I never said they were official standards. That's why I can't find anything.

It's an unofficial community standard that someone knows about, because it's used a lot.