mp3 files cannot be read

Hi Everybody!

I am sorry, but I did not find a recent entry for the following problem:


I am keeping my mp3 collection in well ordered directories, with the help of mp3tag for years and years now. (Great tool, by the way!) Recently I started to restructure the collection as I got myself a fileserver which acts as a music server (up to now, I transfered some of the files to a little mp3 player via usb.), so I started to revisit my old archives to make sure, they are properly tagged.


Unfortunately I come across mp3files quite regularly, that will play fine on little mp3 players, on my dlna server and on windows mediaplayer! All the tags I gave them over the years with various versions of mp3tag are displayed, but NOW I AM UNABLE TO READ THEM INTO MP3TAG. If I read in a directory of say 10 mp3s only 3 might show on mp3tag.

My analysis so far:

I did look for solutions on the web and came accross tools like mp3Diags mp3bookhelper etc. They tend to fix some of the files, but not very many. A solution that helps is to recode them using LAME, but it only works if I am doing one at a time ( :flushed: ). Quite often files 1 and two are readable, so are 10 and above, but 3-9 (i am talking about tracknumbers here) are missing.

So far, I thought, the files got corrupted somehow and did not blame mp3tag, but now I downloaded some brand new files I bought on amazon with my cloudplayer (they were never touched with a third programme). AND THEY ARE MISSING TOO :w00t::blink :

I just updated to the latest version (was on 2.58 anyway), but it still does not work!

Anybody with an Idea???

PS: Most of the files were generated with audiograbber over the years (so probably with several versions) using the lame encoder. But as I mentioned this also affects others like the ones I downloaded from amazon.

Could it be that you accidentally have applied a filter that leads to the effect that only 3 files show up?

Check this by loading one of these folders, then press F3 to disable the filter (the filter input field at the bottom should disappear).
If the files now show ...

ohrenkino hit the bull's eye!!! :astonished:

F3 fixes my problem with the amazon files and one of the old folders, I was having problems with! Incredible, I am impressend!

So now, I can get working to tidy up my files - Thank You :music: