mp3 files not showing up in windows 7

I have got a new computer. It's running Windows 7 - latest edition. I have used mp3 tag successfully before on my old computer running windows xp. I have downloaded the latest edition of mp3 tag - v.2.49 and installed in. However, no files are mp3 files are recognized in Windows 7: The screen is empty.
Is the program not compatible with windows 7? - or is there something I need to do to make it work.

(I apologize if this question has been asked before, but I haven't been able to locate an answer to this problem)

Sorry but this is nonsense ..

I'm running Win7 Ultimate x64 and mp3tag is running as good as it was on XP.

How did you install it ? Admin or user ?
What / Which kind of tags Windows Explorer shows ?
Do you have rights to write to the settings folder ?

Win7 is more picky about rights then XP

Have a read here.

Hello Mike

Thank you for taking the time to answer. However I cannot make it work. I installed the program as Admin.

Windows Explorer doesn't show any information about mp3 files when I want to open a folder. The folders are simply empty when I locate a folder containing mp3 files.
However if I open a folder from OUTSIDE the program it will show the info about the mp3 files. So if it's windows 7 problem how do I change this?

The problems in the link you gave me doesn't seem to address the same problem.
I attached an image of what it looks like from within mp3-tag when I try to open a folder.

There is something wrong in the picture

Your Mp3tag is Pointing to C:\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag and your explorer is pointing to a Musiksampler directory under your music files.

I doubt it that you will have a lot of music files in your Mp3tag installation directory

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PS It is a known fact that win7 explorer doesn't read id3v2.4 files.

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This open folder dialog never shows any audio files.
You just have to pick a folder and all files in this folder will be loaded into the program.

thank you Dano - this worked. I clicked a folder and the files loaded into the program.
I had the impression that I could choose the mp3 files.

You can choose mp3's. Select the mp3's in explorer you want and use Right Click - Mp3tag, this will open the selected files with Mp3tag. Or select a directory to open it with Mp3tag.

Edit 08:11 Added Screenshot

Solved for me. It is a known fact that win7 explorer doesn't read id3v2.4 files. Now I changed to id3v2.3 utf16 and it worked. Thanks :slight_smile: