MP3 Files that are not recognized by MP3 tag

I have noticed that some of my mp3 files are not being brought into the program when I bring in a folder of mp3 tracks to add tags. Are there certain mp3 files that Mp3 tag does not recognize?

Check if you still have applied (accidentally) a filter.
Press F3 to toggle the filter and see whether the files are now displayed.
You can also check the status bar at the botton that shows you how many files are loaded and how many are displayed.

check those files if they are

  • really mp3
  • not damaged

These files play just fine on Windows Media Player and Winamp. I just can't get MP3 Tag to recognize them. I go to my music folder and right click on the file and Up arrow to MP3 Tag in the context menu and open to the list that says 0 files.

Have you tried to drag&drop the files on MP3tag?
I am not quite sure what you mean with

If you use the cursor keys to move through the context menu, then you have to press also Enter to open MP3tag.

if you uploade one of these files, we could check if it's really an mp3 (or supported format).

You can rename any file so that it has an MP3 extension.
MP3tag will load and show the file but no tags (as the structure is not right).

If drag&drop does not work, I would like to see a screendump of the MP3tag window and one of the windows explorer properties window.

Thank you. That did it. It was the filtering.

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