Mp3 files with ID3 v2.3 tags POPM display

I have a problem displaying POPM tags from media monkey. I added the column rating mm with value , field, and sort by all set to %rating mm%

When I have my options tags/Mpeg set to "read ID3v2" the column shows correct values for rating mm. If I change my options to "read ID3v2 and APE" both selected, I no longer see any values for rating mm.

A bug report marked "invalid" stated that APE tags "override" ID3 tags. But in this case there is no POPM tag (or rating mm of course). Out of curiosity I created an option tags/mapping Tag:APEv2 Source:RATING MM Target:RATING and I was able to copy the RATING MM (not the raw POPM data) to an APE RATING tag. So after that I could see it by adding a column for the new APE RATING tag. Is there some way to get the raw POPM (not converted to mm stars)? But what I would really like is to be able to see the ID3 rating mm even when tag read is set to both ID3 and APE.

scott s.

If you use several TAG types (in this case APE and ID3V2) you have to keep them in sync.
As MP3tag only shows the data from the tag with the highest priority (in this case APE) and you for some reason forgot to write APE & ID3V2 data and wrote only ID3V2 data, then you do not see that data which is stored in the ID3V2 fields.