MP3 files with multi-layers tag

Download this MP3 file and edit with Mp3tag:

The weird thing here is, after I remove ID3v1 and ID3v2.3 tag, there is also another layer of ID3v2.4 tag inside MP3.

While I originally thought: ID3v2.4 is superseded ID3v2.3; so ID3v2.4 or ID3v2.3, only one of them can exist in MP3 file.
I was wrong.

My question is: How can people acknowledge this weird situation? - Without having to remove one layer of tag, and then recognize that there is another layer of it.
I hope Mp3tag will have the ability to notice users that the MP3 file they are editing is tagged normally or having layered tag.

There should be only one ID3v2 in a mp3 file.

The problem most likely comes from WMP/Explorer.
It cannot read ID3v2.4 so if it gets a file with v2.4 and you change the tags, it writes a new v2.3 tag before the v2.4

Mp3tag cannot detect multiple ID3v2 tags, but you can use foobar2000. It should give a console message when it reads such a file.

I know what you're talking about, that is another problem of Windows.

If there is only ID3v2.4 tag in file, Windows Explorer will not display anything. And trying to enter data into it (using Windows Explorer) will display error message.
But if there are ID3v1 tag or ID3v2.3 tag or both of them in file, Windows Explorer still can make changes to file (the ID3v1 tag and ID3v2.3 tag parts) - Having ID3v2.4 tag in file or not, in this case, does not affect.

So, what you said was not correct. Windows can't write ID3v1 tag or ID3v2.3 tag into file if there is only ID3v2.4 tag in file.
But this is not the problem I talked above.

The fault here is this MP3 file's source.
And seemed like, I am requesting Mp3tag to have something to notice people about this issue.

PS: My link is gone, so sad.

Scan your files with MP3 Diags and it will show you exactly what tags are on your files. It will also repair files that have multiple ID3v2 tags.