mp3 gain and lyrics editor

id be happy to donate if you could add a feature to implement mp3gain in mp3tag. i use mp3gain to normalize the mp3s without recoding the files. it just stores the normalize data in the tags. it'll be nice if i can do everything in mp3tag.

btw heres a link to mp3 gain (if anybodys interested):
too bad its not being maintained anymore.

it'll be handy too if you can include a lyrics editor feature. i know this feature has already been requested a couple of times, cant stress enough how 'wanted' this feature is.

keep up the good work!

add a feature to implement mp3gain in mp3tag

Mp3tag does support the mp3 gain tag. If you're asking for Mp3tag to have a feature process the audio, I think (and hope) that won't happen.

why not?

I think that won't happen because audio processing is way outside the current scope of Mp3tag.

I hope that won't happen because I want Mp3tag to priorities fixing problems in the functionality of its current scope.