Mp3 gapless tag


I have downloaded 2 mp3 albums, and I notice that the files are not gapless. There's a gap between the tracks although certains ones are bound.

I always use foobar2000 or deadbeef to read my files so the issue isn't to change for another soft.

How can I solve the problem and get my files whithout a gap inbetween?

What do you mean by some and "gapless" and "bound"?

If you have two MP3 files with smooth transition between them [like from a recording of a concert], but then you edit them and save them as WAVes and once again convert them to MP3- then you will mess up the frames of MP3 format and [most likely] start to hear a now more profound silence gap between them

foobar2000 handles gapless mp3 files just fine. Where are they downloaded from (Amazon? Bandcamp? etc.). If they are downloaded from "in the wild" then hard to tell the provenance of the files and whether they were created with a mp3 codec that properly created gapless files.

It seems the files have been cut. You can hear a little sound and a silence at the end of each. That's the reason why...
It's some stuff that have been put to be downloaded on an artist's website years ago, but I don't have the original files...
I'm afraid I need to cut each file and the result won't be perfect.

Why the topic is off before I can answer?

I finally managed to find the original files on Tidal and bought them.
It's the end of my problem!
Thank you for watching for it anyway.

It is doable

All you have to do is to is to fade in the end of A with the beginning of B- and then split them apart once more

It is tedious task. But I have been there a long time ago to satisfactory results. Unless you happen to be welding and splitting some peculiar sounds like a single note of some brass instrument, this should be easy