MP3 ID3 version 2.4 Classical music tags

I would like to start organizing my library of MP3 files. I plan to redo all the ID3 version 2.3 tags according to the MusicBrainz style guide MusicBrainz Classical Style Guide.

However, the ID3 version 2.4 standard includes many extra tags that will be of much use for classical music.

If I'm going to have to edit a lot of version 2.3 tags to meet the MusicBrainz standard, I might as well enter the ID3 version 2.4 information as well.

If mp3s already have version 2.3 tags, how do you use mp3tag to change this to ID3 version 2.4 and enter the additional tag information?

Thanks for any enlightenment.

Just change the tag-writing settings at Options > Tags > Mpeg to ID3v2.4 and use the extended tag dialog via [Alt+T] to enter the data.
Alternatively, you can add new fields to the Tag Panel via Options > Tag Panel or add columns for your special fields via View > Columns.

Please also have a look at Mp3tag Help: Tag field mappings.

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