MP3 Not Playing

I have used Mp3tag for some time now and find it exceptional. I have noticed this lately however. I am currently using Ver.246b. On occasion I have downloaded an artist album of MP3's.
The MP3's will play fine when they are originally downloaded. If I make any changes via the Mp3tag editor and save the file changes, none of the the files wil play in WMP or just a few of the selections will play. Also when I look at the file in win explorer, the decriptions are missing, i.e. artist,title,album etc but they were there originally and still sho if I load the file back into Mp3tag.
Am I doing something wrong? Or are these anomolies with certain MP3 files?

Can you try version 2.48 ?
What tag settings are you using?
(See Options > Tags > Mpeg)

I have upgraded to 2.48 and used the default setting. The issue still occurs on is not with all the album files..just one or two now and then they will allow retagging perfectly but will not play afterward in WMP...they will play however in VLC Media Player.
The only options not selected in that panel are APE under read and under write APE 2 , UTF 8 and ISO

Check the integrity of your files with a file checker like foobar2000 or mp3val
(all freeware, see the internet).
E.g. WMP will refuse to play a file if it has an invalid Xing (VBR) header (or play it but refuse to jump forward or backwards and stuff).
CDex e.g. always writes an invalid VBR header.