Mp3 parade/calssification

when I hear new mp3 on my ipod I usually classified them whith the star (1 to 5) so when I organize my collection i delete the 1 star mp3.
Now I can only compare what I see in Itune and then use mp3tag for delete it (is bettere than search them in my folder because I've too many mp3.

Do you know if is possible to import the stars in mp3 tag or what you suggest to do

Thanks a lot


Nope, you can't take it with you. Itunes does not store the classification in the tag but only in the database.
WMP is able to read the the tag popularitymeter
(see help:
This description is for only ID3v2 tags. The playcounter is an optional value.

Syntax: Email|Rating|Playcounter
Example: Mp3tag|255|5
Note: The Rating is an integer between 0 (worst) and 255 (best).)

So I think the only way would be to misuse a field that is stored in the file like e.g. comment and add the stars there (although I would rather use a combination of other characters that do not have a special purpose in the filter syntax like underscore _).
Also I would revert the syntax: 1 underscore is best, five or ten or whatever is worst. Like that you get definite hits when filtering as 5 underscores in a row are not a common input, just 1 underscore on the other hand might have crept in accidently.

You then filter in MP3tag all the files with loads of underscores in the comment field and there you are, ready for deletion.

It's a pity that Mp3 tag doesn't import Itunes rating metadata.
This (italian) mornig I've found that in Mediamonkey is possible to do it, so I'll use it for for delete o move my mp3 ratend in Ipod.

Thaks a lot for answer, and thanks to the great Mp3tag developer, because iti is a great sw.