mp3 player not correctly reading tags

Despite following the advice located at /t/2785/1 to the letter, I find that my cell phone mp3 player still incorrectly reads the tags generated by this otherwise nice program.

Here are the details:

My cell phone mp3 player recognizes the followng tags: genre, album, and artist.

When the mp3s get synched to the cell phone, the mp3s with a given value for a given tag get divided between the tag and and a permutation of the tag with a $ sign in front.

So for example, if I have 10 mp3s that belong to album "Violator," then when I synch to the mp3 player, 7 of the mp3s will be located under album "Violator" and 3 of the mp3s will be located under "$Violator"

I have no idea why this is happening but it is extremely annoying. I like to select songs by artist or album and can't completely do that.

Assuming it matters:

mp3 player: Samsung SCH-u740
synch program: windows media payer, VCAST music manager
pc: HP Pavilion zd8000

I would appreciate any help that can be offered.