mp3 tag and creating directories


When i go to rename a folder where the artist year and album are defined, I do format value, change value of directory and change it to %artist%\%year% - %album%

It then creates like 15 directories of %artist% so it is %artist%\%artist%\%artist%\%artist%\%artist%\%artist%\%artist%\%album%\

Please help, such a headache now with all the folders like that.


can anyone tell me how to make it artist/year - album/ ?


Please explain the problem with more and better words and details.
What do you do?
What status do you currently have and what do you want?
Show us a previous-next example.



At the moment you must select only one file per directory when you run that action!
This problem was fixed but it seems is has come back in recent versions.


Any idea which versions had it fixed?


The latest Development Build fixes this problem.

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