Mp3 Tag Directory Structure

Hi @ all, I've just registered and therefore new here.

So first of all: Hi!

I came here in order to ask whether or not someone could help me out.
I was just browsing the export-script archives and couldn't find one that meets my demands.

I don't have huge demands though. All I need is a simple script that puts my directory structure into a html-file.

I have found one so far that comes quite close to what i am looking for:


Yet after testing it, I must admit that i got disappointed, because it messes up the original directory structure. No offence though, it is a great piece of work. I like the design and that the albums drop down once they are clicked upon.

Can anybody possibly tell me how I've got to edit the scirpt so that it does what I want?
Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with programming.

I hope it is not a big deal.

Well, that's all...

I look forward to receiving a reply...

Regards, Giru

(Whether this post is correctly placed or not I do not know, I just couldn't think of anywhere else)