Mp3 Tag has stop working in W8.1

Help needed
I have always had no issues using Mp3 tag but it now states that it cannot be opened for writing?

If I use the same version in W7 it works fine ?

What is going on ?


What cannot be opened for writing?
Anyway: check the access rights. You should be the owner of the program and the audio files. Also, do not open the explorer or Windows Media Player while editing files in MP3tag. These programs tend to snoop into the files and by doing so, blocking them.

Any MP3 I try to add tag information to it states that it cannot be opened for writing
I am not using WMP or explorer?

Help required


Again: are you the owner of the files? If not: change that.

If you don't know how to change:

We also have a thread that points to a microsoft support page:
mp3tag on windows 7
this one: