MP3 Tag in title with slash as follows: artist/title


help would be fine here:

Have some compliations.

MP3 tag under title is: artist / title (written with a slash)
MP3 tag under artist is: various

How can I change, that I have artist and title correct?

Thanks for help in advance and best regards


Use an action "Guess values".
Source format: %TITLE%
Guessing pattern: %ARTIST% / %TITLE%


Sorry, I am not very experienced with MP3 Tag.

I tried to create a new action, but I cannot find "Guess Values".

What to do, help would be fine.


Try "Import tag fields" - everything else what DetlevD wrote stays the same.

Hi All,

got the solution.
(when I tried to search for "Import Tag fields" I found (am I blind?) the "Guess Values".
All running as described, thanks a lot for help!!


Hm ... heinz2003, it seems that you use still Mp3tag v2.33, ...
but I do not remember, whether there is the action "Guess values" implemented.

Which language is set up in Mp3tag?
English: Action "Guess values"
Deutsch: Aktion "Tag-Felder importieren"


Hi Detlev,

greetings from Düsseldorf.

Problem is solved, I am happy, thanks for help.