MP3 TAG not recognising Astell & Kern SR25 mp3

I have just transferred my music onto a new Astell & Kern sr25 mp3. I am able to see album art for some of the albums and not for the majority of the albums. However, when I try to resolve the issue with mp3tag, the programme does not see the mp3 player. I know the programme is working, as I am able to see folders on my other mp3 player (sony). I would be most appreciative if someone can help to resolve this issue.

Hi and welcome,

there are two different device modes for USB devices and it seems that your device currently requires access via MTP (Media Transfer Protocol). MTP is not supported by Mp3tag.

In some cases it’s possible to change the USB mode to Mass Storage Device, but this differs from device to device.

Hi Florian,
many thanks for the response, I will see if I have the option to change my access mode.