MP3 Tag only working on some mp3 files, not all


When I go to mass edit tags, say Album info, on like a group of mp3 tracks, SOMETIMES, it doesn't work (the mp3 tag software shows the newly added album name BUT file explorer/windows explorer and Itunes doesn't show the new album tag on any of the files) and what's worst, after I save the new album info, I can't play the mp3 anymore in Groove or itunes, (but it'll still play in VLC).

Only when I delete the Album tag will the mp3 file be playable again in Groove.

This only happens for some mp3 files, not all of them. Others the album tag saves just fine and I can upload into itunes no problem.

All of my files have extension .mp3 so I'm not sure what is going.

Please help?

Could you check the files with the linked tools?

Hmm, okay this is bizarre, mp3 val says they can't read/scan the mp3 but I can open it just fine from the directory I provided.

I guess there is something wrong with the mp3 files but they play just fine in my players.

This shows that the files have been corrupted.
As not all tools repair the same things, it may be worthwhile to also try mp3diags.
Or you leave it as it is and live with files that cannot be tagged.

Hi, I'm not sure about my suggestion but I suspect that you may have a bit of corruption within the tag. You might try (make a backup) on one of the misbehaving files removing one of the tag ID versions. For example, the Ape tag on an Mp3 file. I'm not very versed so bear with me and there is a bit of a risk of losing the info in the tag.

First: look into your current configuration in the menu of Mp3Tag
Go to - Tools\Options\Tags\Mpeg.
Read: Select/check ID3v1, ID3v2 and ape.
Write: Select/check ID3v1, ID3v2 with option button ID3v2.3 UTF16 (or whichever you prefer). Then...
Remove - APE (firstly, as removing ID3v1 may remove more info than required to correct the issue)
Click OK
Select the test file (title) in the primary MP3Tag panel.
Select and click on the tag copy option.
Select remove tag and accept.
Right-click - Tag Paste.
Right-click - Save tag.

If this does not help resolve the issue, go back into the configuration panel Mp3Tag Options and add remove ID3v1 and redo the above steps. Remember that there is a higher risk of losing some info in the tag.

You may need an ID3v1 tag for your device. If so, re-save the tag to the file.

I have found the above often resolves the most bizarre tagging irregularities. Sorry for the length and hope this helps.