MP3 Tag Protection

My friend is a Musician and wants some tags to be added in file, which can not be removed by User or can Mp3Tag help in changing LAME Encoding to his choice.

None of the above is possible (except having a friend who is a musician).

If he truly means "cannot be removed", for example for the purpose of trying to prevent/track piracy, then of course that is impossible given knowledgeable enough users.

Otherwise, if he just uses a custom tag that is usually not displayed by most players/devices, then 99.9% of users out there will never even use a tool that would let them know such a field even existed.

It's also possible to use steganography techniques to embed encrypted data in a media stream, but this has nothing to do with user-level tagging, and again, if the intent is to combat piracy, I'd say don't bother, that horse left the yard a long time ago.

Thanks !

Can he add Tags like "yes"
Copyrighted !
Original !

So that any way he can prove it is his creation ??

You can add in V2.3 almost any (user-definded) tag you want.
Just as well, any user can just as easily overwrite the contents or remove the fields.
So unless you have registered your piece of art with some kind authority prior to publishing it, you will never be able to proove anything.
As HansBKK has depicted with the metaphor of the horse.

Can you give name and sites of Authority ?


Which will be better for Indian Hindi Content

I am afraid not. Or at least not for anything appropriate under Indian law.
As you can see from my profile I originate from Germany. The authority's name over here would probably be GEMA

Right now I think this topic has hardly anything to do with tags but only with copyright and other legal topics. This forum deals mainly with questions concering the program MP3tag.

Thanks for the iDEA

I have found one

The Indian Performing Right Society Limited