MP3 Tage Looses Settings Periodically

I didn't post this as a bug since it only happens on one of two PC's and never happens on the other. I think something is getting corrupted on my one PC because of some yet undiscovered flaw up to and including a failing hard drive. At any rate I have MP3 Tag set to start when Windows 10 starts. Sometimes I'll see a notice during startup of corrupted files, and MP3 Tag will open having lost all of the settings I have defined in Tools/Options. (This has not happened with any other program.) Things like light mode will have reverted to Default even though I had it set to light mode, folder settings/paths will be gone, etc. So I go through and set things up again, and they will be OK for a while, possibly even weeks, sometimes less.

Which files/folders should I back up for use when this problem occurs? I'm thinking I could copy those back over when there is an incident and quickly get my settings back.

I see C:\Users[user]\AppData\Roaming\Mp3tag containing data, export, Mp3tagSettings folders, mp3tag.cfg, Mp3tagError.log and folder. Should I just back up all of those?

As an afterthought, I could just not have MP3Tag start when Windows, and have it only start when called upon from the Windows Explorer context menu. I'm only seeing the corruption notice during startup.

Peter C.

You can easily run a backup of your settings, and save them on a separate drive or even a USB stick. Then just restore from that backup if you run into this issue again.

Ha! Ha! I apologize for not noticing something so obvious. Thanks for waking me up from my dullness. In other words, "Duh!"

Of course you can also store a backup locally. If you are not really having drive failure, at least having this backup handy can help in one of those rare situations where you did lose the settings through some unknown startup issue.