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I download audio MP3's tagged from the internet (talk show). I used MP3TAG to change to podcast type, author, title, and picture. After importing into Itunes, they initially display correctly, but later change to Uploads by YouTube Help. The underlying files are still named the same and the tags have not been altered but they are displayed in Itunes incorrectly. Is there anything I can do to the files to prevent this? I've reported to Apple but it is like dropping your feedback into a black hole never to be heard from again.

see the help for possible fields, e.g. PODCAST (whether it is there with value 1)

Also, MEDIATYPE could be a field to influence the section where a track appears in iTunes.

If you can't see the tag fields in the file list, use the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T).

I already have PODCAST set to 1. I see MEDIATYPE and ITUNESMEDIATYPE neither of which I am setting. What would I set either or both of them to?

I do not think that anything besides PODCAST has to be set.
Do you have a problem with the iTunes database?
Then either you have script to update the database or you delete the files from the database (only) and add them again (File menu).
I know that iTunes e.g. never updates a compilation once it has detected the COMPILATION field no matter if it still exists or not.

Once again, they initially show up as correct in ITunes. It is either after a device is sync'd and/or ITunes program is closed and reopened. That is when I see the the change to "Uploads by YouTube Help". Subsequent syncs to device also changes the title on the device too. How would I edit the database?

Perhaps it is easier if you rename the files.

What are you talking about? It has nothing to do with names of files.

It could well be that I do not understand what your problem is.
This is what I have understood so far:
You have some files and they feature the field PODCAST. None of the fields for MEDIATYPE or ITUNESMEDIATYPE are filled.
You add the files to iTunes and first they appear where you want them and then they appear somewhere else where you don't want them in iTunes and the iTunes support is a black hole.

As I do not know what you do exactly and whether that what you tell us is that what you actually do, I can only follow a more general approach:
If iTunes has to treat the files as any ordinary audio file plus the tag field PODCAST but it treats them in a different way than expected, then every reference to former data should be removed. This looked like the filename to me as you say

But it could still be that I did not get at all what the problem could be.

Did you read the initial report and look at the screen capture?

Hi Jimmy,

can you check via the extended tag dialog whether those files have any other identifying fields set — PODCASTID, PODCASTDESC, and so on.

Maybe there are some leftovers which are then picked up by iTunes.

Kind regards
– Florian

I guess I'm looking for something better than maybe and might. I got plenty of that from Apple (crappy) Support.


It's the human dilemma.

You could start with showing more details :slight_smile: That can be a screenshot of the extended tag dialog or, even more helpful, an option to download the file in questions for analyzing purposes.

Without more information you'd only get others guessing at what might be causing the issue.

I'm not convinced this is a TAG issue.. was hunting if anyone else experienced this.

OK, I'm moving this thread to Off-Topic then.


Here is what is changing in the "Itunes Music Library.xml" file
NameUploads by YouTube Help
AlbumUploads by YouTube Help

It seems to only happen after a sync with a device.