MP3 Tagging track number question

Hi there.

I was wondering if there is a way to see the track number on the right hand side of the tracking panel (the one that shows the local information - Length and Filename).

Sometimes I might tag an album with multiple CD's but instead of something like 01-01 02-01 - to represent what CD it is they are simply 01. I find it easier if that is the case to tag each CD separate if I can however as there are no track numbers on the right hand panel I have to manually count. It's okay just would be far quicker and simpler if I could see the numbers.


You can customize the file view (the columns on the right) by right-clicking in the header. There you can enable or hide any column and you can define new ones. A track number column should already be defined. If you can't see it, it must be hidden.

Doesn't bring anything up for me. I see Length, Filename and Move Up/Move Down.

The default installation comes with the basic fields already defined as columns. So someone must have fiddled with that setup.
To add a new column (just as JJ Johnson said) open that dialogue that you have seen with the "moveup/down" buttons.
Press the New button.
Enter a descriptive string for column header.
Enter %track% for value
Enter %track% for field
Tick "numeric".
You should now see a column with the track number in the files list.

If you have the need to renumber your tracks, I would like to point you at the Numbering Wizard.

I've taken a screenshot to make it easier - You will see on the right - Track, Title and on the left length and file name. I am wanting to add also track to the right but the only thing I could find in settings was for the tag panel used on the main window. Is there a way to do this?

Thanks again


Ah. Is there a contact address as I wouldn't mind emailing the developers to see if they would consider this in a future version

I don't want to frustrate you: but this very idea has been offered numerous times (you would have to search the forum though as I haven't got a thread on hand right now).
You can see the success of these requests for yourself :-(.

In general: if you want to post an idea then simply open a thread in the "General discussion" section. No mail necessary.

Seems unusual that you'd have a folder full of files that have disc number fields but no track numbers.

I interpreted the screendump as the dialogue from one of the tag sources where you have to align the tracks more or less freehandedly.
And for this dialogue there have been some requests like adding track numbers or synchronized scrolling.
But I could be wrong.

Basically I've got some multiple Disc Albums where each CD starts with track 1 but when your tagging via e.g. amazon it usually just puts the tracks as the whole album. Usually these ones are in multiple folders for each disc but if I do disc 2 I obviously have to move the tracks down as it will put them at the start thinking its track 1 of the album and not track 1, cd 2.

The problem with this is there's no numbers on the right hand side so I just have to count down manually. A simply track system would be a lot easier.