Mp3 tags cannot be changed on some mp3 files

I find on rare occasions that I have an mp3 file where I want to amend the tag data, but I cannot. I open the folder in mp3tag, alter the tag data for that file, then save the change. But when I go back to that track it has not altered. I have tried making the change in itunes, and that seems to work ok ?

Have a look at the type of tag that is inside the track. Probably oyu have got one with an APE tag - and that overrules the mp3 tag data.
You can see the type of tag if you open the "extended tags" dialogue: the window title shows the included tag types.

If that is so, set your option to not write APE tags, then cut the the tag from the file and insert it immediately afterwards and you have cleared the file from APE tags.
You may then edit the mp3 tags at will and the modifications will also show.

That isn't the explanation. If I open an mp3 that has this problem, the exended dialog title shows ID3v2.2 (ID3v1 ID3v2.2)
and lists metadata values and cover artwork. I change this in the extended dialog, and it seems to change, but when I exit dialog and check the data is unchanged. The file is not read only. I can change the data in itunes "getinfo" though.

With a copy of the offending mp3 file try...

  1. "Extract cover" artwork from the mp3 file to a picture file.
  2. "Remove tag" from the mp3 file.
  3. "Undo Remove tag" from the mp3 file.
  4. "Add cover" to the mp3 file using the previously extracted picture file.

I extracted the cover artwork, and that file is correct.
Step 2 is to remove tag, and this does not work as per my previous posts. Mp3tag reports tag removed, but it isn't. It is almost like mp3tag is prevented from changing any tag data at all. But as a test I can alter it in itunes, so it seems to be specific to mp3tag.

Three cures I have found are:

  1. Check the file properties are Not set to "Read Only" (Right Click file, select Properties)

    Uncheck "Read Only" check box, Apply and OK. Refresh Tagger and retry.

  2. The Files have punctuation or special characters in the Title (Rename the file, refresh the Tagger)

  3. Run id3kill.exe which removes all Tags and wipes out troublesome ones.

If you are worried about running a program with "Kill" in the name (I was, lol), copy the folder and run it on that. I've used it for a number of years, it only ever removes Tags of the folder it is pointed at.

These three have worked to cure all of my Can't Edit Tag blues.

You could also run mp3diags and/or mp3val to see what is wrong with the file. Both these programs are freeware.

iTunes very often stores tag data (and the modifications) only in its database. So it does not mean that the data is actually written into the files.
That is why you can even label wav-files in iTunes

Old post I know, but thanks for that ohrenkino.

I've been tagging MP3s for over 15 years and only ever came across this problem a few times over that time, but never found an answer.

Came across the same problem again today and after a quick Google, found this answer and that 's what it was.

I have MP3Tag set up to:
Read: IDv1, IDv2, APE
Write: ID3v2

So a quick 'Tag Cut' and a 'Tag Paste' enabled me to remove the offending tags.

Thanks for the info.