MP3 Tags & Picture (Album Art) Removal

Hi folks,

First of all I am a Newbie in this Tag business.

I have a MP3 that has a Picture (Album Art) embedded in it. When I use MP3Tag to remove ALL the Tags ... I am still not able to get rid of the Picture popping up when I am playing ... even Other MP3s that did not originally have this stupid picture ... when I play the MP3s that picture pops up.

Q1: How do I remove this picture permanently?

Q2: Where is this picture Hidden or lodged on my System? That even after I use MP3Tag and use "Remove All" option still shows up.

Q3: What is the BEST way to clean all the TAGs & Crap from a MP3?



I use Alt-T and it shows all the tags that are set within the group of files. Then you can just delete to your heart's content.
I use this to remove some of iTunes tags.

Hope this helps


Hi Roddersg,

I will try that ... Thanks for your Help!

G! :slight_smile: