Mp3 with mpeg extension crash

If an mp3 file is with mpeg extension, instead of mp3. mac version is crashing

How do you load such files in Mp3tag? I'm asking because the *.mpeg extension is not one of the supported file extensions.

drag and drop the files

Still not possible, which version are you using?

latest version from app store v 1.2.2

I dropped 6 files together

Still no success, also when dropping multiple files. Are you on Big Sur or somewhere earlier? Can you send one of the offending files?

I am using Catalina.

I will send the files and also make it crash. Provide the report.

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I am testing it again and again. mp3tag is not crashing now!
I am not able to duplicate the crash. You can close this issue now.

If it happens again, I will report back.


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