MP3 WMA inconsistency

I am trying to create WMA files to put into my Media Centre which uses Media player v 10 to play them. If I update the Band field on MP3 files all is well but if I try it with WMA files then the Band appears in MP3tag but not in Media player's Album Artist tag after loading. All the other tag info is correct in Media Player. If I update the Band/Album Artist in Media player then MP3 Tag is happy to read them as is Media player. I know media centre has a habit of remembering old tags for some reason but these are new files and I've also tried deleting Media Centres tag libraries to force it to start again.Am I missing something?


For WMA files you must use the tag field "ALBUM ARTIST"


I'd love to but it doesn't seem to exist in the Format field option so I can't set up via an action type

Just enter it manually :slight_smile:

I know I'm going to feel very silly but.... The wma tag has never had an Album Artist entry and consequently it doesn't appear when I press ALT T in order to change it. So how do I get at them to do it manually?


There is a small button :mt_new: at the extended tag dialog (Alt+T or View > Tags...). Just press this button and enter ALBUM ARTIST at the field.

Hope that helps!

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It's finally clicked. I didn't realise I could type anything into field name, I thought I was limited to what was on the drop downs. Now that I've done that all seems to be well.

Thanks again.
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