mp3ext icon issue with latest beta build ..?

hi there,

just came across what appears to be an issue - albeit, not so much with mp3tag as possibly with mp3ext (which quite a few people here appear to use).

anyway, just started finding whenever i'd fix tags with mp3tag, the icon displayed in explorer would then fail to report/show the bitrate (as would previously happen with mp3ext installed).

anyway, not sure if this might be the explanation, but when i changed the tag in options of mp3tag to v2.3 and tried again, all seemed fine.

just wondered if anyone else here had noticed this and had any ideas/thought that mp3ext maybe doesn't support this new tag version - not least as i checked on mp3ext site and there's clearly been no updates in quite some time ..?! x(

ps otherwise, wondered if anyone knew what the benefits of this more recent tag version might be - and if it's worth using at the apparent expense of mp3ext icon handling ..?

cheers ..

I have the same problem. <_<
Sometimes my bitrate icon which mp3ext shows disapear when writing ID3 tags in MP3tag.
I think that we must wait next release of mp3ext. -_-

~ milka

Definitely an MP3ext problem. As for ID3v2.4 benefits, have a look at this document:

I was having the same problem that for some ID3v2.4 tags written by Mp3tag, MP3ext was not able to display the bitrate icon.

As I found out, the reason for this is that MP3ext does not support ID3v2.4 tags or newer, so it is unable to skip those tags. However, MP3ext searches the first 2052 bytes of a file for valid MP3 frames. If the ID3v2.4 tag incl. padding is smaller than that size, MP3ext is able to display the correct bitrate icon anyways, otherwise it is not.

I'm in the process of submitting a bunch of patches to the author of MP3ext that fix this and other issues, e.g. the invalid padding refered to here. Let's hope he accepts them and releases a new version, as MP3ext is supposed to be discontinued.

Hi eyebex,

Did you have success in communication with MP3ext author? I believe he's lost the interest in this program long time ago.
If this is the case, can you patch the code and release a new version?
I'm interested mainly in bitrate icon feature. Do you think that it would be possible only a part of code to be used for something like a "lite" version of the program providing only this feature?