MP3Gain safe mode

It happens from time to time that I accidentally overwrite APEv2 tags which store the MP3Gain data with the meta data that resided in the ID3v2 tag, i.e. ARTIST/ALBUM/etc...

The undo function doesn't recreate the MP3Gain information in the APEv2 tags apparently. So I'm proposing a MP3Gain safe-mode. When activated it will not overwrite the APEv2 tag or the MP3Gain specific tag fields no matter what Read/Write/Delete settings are set.

I have to change the Read/Write/Delete settings all the time, because my Pocket PC's software player only understands ID3v2.3 (latin1) correctly, for my MP3s on my PC I use ID3v2.4 and for my Wavpack files I use APEv2... especially when I'm in a haste and I want to prepare some MP3s for my Pocket PC, I tend click the wrong settings or save the tags while the settings where still set for a different type of files and then sometimes the MP3Gain values are gone for good... luckily I work on copies before I send them to the Pocket PC so I only have to re-copy or convert the albums and then re-mp3gain them, still it's very inconvenient UI-wise.

If that's not going to happen, can somebody tell me about a better alternative than MP3Tag when you have to prepare audio for different players quickly? I use foobar2000 for listening at home exclusively (APEv2 for WV/ID3v2.4 for MP3) and TCPMP on my Pocket PC (ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1).

I don't see where you have to change any Ape tag options in your work flow.
You only switch between ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1 and utf-8 at Options > Tags > Mpeg

I forgot to mention that I sometimes add album art to my Wavpack files (because foobar2000 can't). Except for those I normally don't process any APEv2 tagged files with MP3Tag.

And I think because I use APEv2 writing so infrequently, I tend to forget when it's enabled... :frowning:

Hm, another idea would be to have the currently active read/write/remove settings visible in the main GUI... maybe in the status bar which is quite empty at the moment, btw.

Still, a feature where you can add custom tag field names (or even regular expression for field name and field content) to a list which then won't be overwritten no matter what the user enters in the main window or what a web source delivers... that's would be a nice thing. :wub: