MP3Gain wiped all my ID3 tags?

Hi. I used MP3Gain to normalise my MP3 library at 92db. I tested with a folder of 100 songs. After normalising, all my ID3 tag information is missing in MP3Tag. The strange thing is that all the tags are still showing in Tag&Rename.

I noticed that MP3Gain uses APEv2 to store its gain tweaks, and I do have MP3Tag set to read and write to APEv2.

Any idea what I can do to see the tags in MP3Tag? -- without reversing the MP3Gain changes.

In many cases the gain fields are written to APE tags which are prioritized by MP3tag.
If you switch off the option to read and write APE tags, you will see the ID3Vx tags again.
See Tools>Option>Tags>Mpeg

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Thanks that worked :smiley:

What should the read, write and remove settings be set at, considering that I like MP3Gain to normalise my music?


The best way would be to set the gain program to not write the info into APE tags.
If your program cannot do that, consider to use Foobar2000 which also has a gain function.

Thanks ohrenkino I'll look into that. What MPEG settings would you advise as default (from the above screesnhot)?

Looks ok to me. Use them as shown in the screenshot.

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I decided to keep the APEv2 tag from MP3Gain, and also to write to APEv2 in MP3Tag.

My primary reason for keeping the APEv2 tag is because I tested the Foobar ReplayGain feature and although it works well, and writes to ID3V2.3, it only offers an automated "best case" replaygain. It does not allow for a manual gain setting, like MP3Gain does.

From the bit of research I did, APEv2 can't do any harm, and players that don't support it just skip over it. In either event, it's a simple thing to solve if I ever need to as Foobar has a "tag types" feature that can add or remove ID3 and APE tags at the click of a button.

Edit: I'm using these settings now and all seems well:


ohrenkino I just want to extend a warm thanks to you and @Stevehero for all your help. You guys have really helped me get to grips with MP3Tag since I moved to it this week. It's refreshing. I only switched because of stevehero's brilliant Beatport script.. but now I'm really happy I did and I will move all my tagging to MP3Tag.

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